Buchanan: On The Road To Socialism? We've Arrived! Buchanan: On The Road To Socialism? We've Arrived! http://www.drudgereport.com/ That how stupid bad ugly evil that Buchanan failed to defend his Boss Nixon righteous will. Too stupid bad ugly evil to see "Social is a l ARMANIie" (That may explain how come your working place must either man only zone, or must be totally unselfish Mother Teresa love; because man grouped together, they don't social, they help e 票貼ach other, or they fight each other; pure virgin Mother Teresa team love God more than man made lies, therefore, they don't commit social lies crimes.) that may explain how come Socialism failed in USSR, faile 禮服d in Mainland China, dragon down West Europe below their own criminals founded America. The only way to save America must have to rely on Military Force (You don't trust your military force with your entire land to place on their hand 東森房屋s, even entire China Dynasty King must have to lose his Kingdom no place to run, not mention you stupid bad ugly evil Democratic liars.) to help you to service every one free of charge to make America indeed a really Free Land. Business must have the right 花蓮民宿to focus all their time their brain cell their good will to service their customers, Government must not be allowed to bother any business with their selfish sucking lawless Godless form to force them to hire anyone to lie for them. Government wants collect any fee from them, governm 酒店兼職ent must collect it at the very beginning when they apply that business license to do the business or mail the statement to bill them like credit card company bills their customers showed. And business must have the freedom to refused to pay when the business rather out of business license ritht than to 酒店經紀bend to government sucking bill's lie. You stupid bad ugly evil Government must have no right to demand or expect a Chinese Restaurant owner or owners to have the brain cell, to have the time, to have the energy to know how to read you sucking form rule to fill your sucking figure out, you stupid bad ugly evil Government 小型辦公室must have no right to demand or expect a import/export business man or woman to know how to fill your sucking xxxx form, because import/export just need to know how to be the agent to buy and sell and ship the goods out of your place, any government linked job all belong to custom house agent field that should tear down rather sooner than later li 設計裝潢ke HongKong showed long time ago. You stupid bad ugly evil Government must have no right to burden any business with your sucking form lie to force them to lie more or further be lied. Go to hell stupid bad ugly evil USA liar formed national head.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 燒烤  .
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